Team Spotlight – Implementation Team

Team Spotlight – Implementation Team

This week we are highlighting the Implementation Team at Vorum! We asked Elisha and Ryan a few questions and here’s what they had to say: 


Can you share a brief overview of your team and how your team contributes to Vorum? 

Absolutely! The Implementation Team at Vorum focuses on the installation and training of Vorum Products. Once a sale is closed with our Commercial team the sale is handed off to us to fulfill. From here we work closely with the customer to ensure we make a custom implementation plan based on their needs and Surepath goals. From there you either meet us in person or online and execute the agreed upon training plan and/or installation of your carver. Once the implementation is finished and any post action items are done we then slowly bring you over to our Support team to handle any future troubleshooting needs. 

Who is in your team and what do they do? 

The implementation team consists of two people, Elisha Epp and Ryan Keogh. Elisha is the Implementation Lead. Her main role is overseeing the fulfillment of all sales. You’ll typically meet her on a sales call toward the end of the sale and during the kick off calls to determine your custom tailored Implementation Plan. Ryan is our Implementation Specialist. He takes our training agendas and implementation plans and makes them a reality. You’ll see him in person or online conducting carver installations or training you on Spectra, Luma and Canfit

Who is the designated office comedian in your department, and what’s their best (or worst) joke? 

We are both relatively funny but, we will give the title to Elisha. Main reason is almost every Operations huddle she ends the meeting with a joke – usually a dad joke or something punny. Not sure if she has a best/worst joke but a classic that makes everyone groan – How many tickles does it take to make an Octopus laugh? Ten Tickles 

Imagine your department as a food dish – what would it be and what ingredients make it the perfect recipe for success? 

We thought long and hard on this one but we said we’d be a Poke Bowl. We both come from a clinical and technical background in P&O which creates a great base (the rice or salad) of the bowl. Then we both bring different fresh ideas (the toppings and sauces) to allow us to come up with creative takes on how we tackle each implementation and internal projects in the office. 

Who’s the real morning person and who’s definitely not, in your department? 

We both are able to get up early or stay up late for customers but on a typical day in the office Elisha is the morning person and Ryan is more the night owl.