Rapid, successful transition

CAD/CAM in any orthotics & prosthetics production setting

Ease your transition with a unique and proven approach to achieve your business goals within one year

Guided by feedback from thousands of clinicians, we have fine-tuned a unique approach to planning, installation, training, and support. Following our SurePath™ methodology, our experienced professionals work with you every step of the way to ensure your rapid, successful rollout of of an integrated CAD/CAM solution.

SurePathTM Timeline

Establish baseline
Set goals
Tailored training
Check point #1
Targeted support
Check point #2
Targeted support
Check point #3
Targeted support
Celebrate success

30+ years exclusive focus in computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) solutions.

Pragmatic planning, ongoing measurement

A rapid, successful transition begins with realistic objectives and a feasible plan. We work with your team to benchmark your existing performance, establish a rollout timeline, and quantify targets for your business performance improvements at key milestones over the first year.
An actionable plan typically focuses on assisting select members of your team to achieve a high level of proficiency on one to three specific device(s) during your initial transition phase (usually the first three months). That approach ensures an early gain that can be quickly followed with a broader rollout to your entire team and range of devices.

Objectives tailored to your business

Set Targets
Set targets for gains during the initial transition phase for productivity, patient satisfaction, product returns and adjustment rates, or other outcomes important to your specific business.
Establish Timeline
Establish a timeline for extending the application of CAD/CAM to a broader range of devices and more staff and facilities during the first year.
Achieve Goals
Achieve your objectives and celebrate at milestones throughout the first year.

Multi-staged, focused training, and ongoing support

A preliminary on-line training session is a convenient way to introduce your staff to Vorum digital technology. It provides a foundation that makes the subsequent, comprehensive three to five day on-site training sessions more digestible and effective.
Check-point milestones are established with you (three, six and twelve months are common) to measure progress against your objectives and identify opportunities for process refinements and/or additional training and support to keep you on a successful path.
"Customer support from Vorum is great."
- Loretta Sheldon, Cascade DAFO

It takes a change in mindset to successfully migrate from plaster to a virtual 3D world on a computer. Vorum guided us through that transition very quickly. Within four weeks we were efficiently using the new system for all of our orders.