Webinar: How can a Central Fabricator help you?

Webinar: How can a Central Fabricator help you?

Last week we held our January Webinar with Friddles Orthopedic Appliances!


We had two great speakers presenting this webinar:

  • Renee Lewis, Director of Clinical Solutions, Friddles Orthopedic Appliances
  • Blake Inglis, Global Account Manager, Vorum

Vorum Solution:

We discussed a number of different topics within the Webinar.

Firstly, Blake introduced Vorum and the Vorum solution. He explained recent trends within the O&P industry and how Vorum has adapted to these trends. He also discussed who the Vorum solution is for, and what our customers pain points were before they implemented our technology. Vorum constantly update our technology in order to remove these pain points and to meet our customers expectations and needs.

Vorum Partners:

We also introduced a number of Vorum partners located in the United States. Most of our partners have a Central Fabrication business where they fabricate devices using Vorum technology. Blake explains in this webinar how these partners can help clinics to make the move to a digital solution by helping through Central fabrication. Making the move to a digital solution can seem scary, however, with a Central Fabricator assisting you with your workflow, you can make this change step by step and with plenty of support.


Friddle’s are one of Vorum’s very valued partners. In this webinar Renee introduces herself and Friddle’s and how Friddle’s work with Vorum to help our customers. Renee explains the history between Vorum and Friddle’s and how we teamed up to improve patient care. We asked Renee, many different questions relating to their central fabrication and how they can streamline your workflow process.

If you missed this webinar, don’t worry! We have the recording of the full webinar below. If you have any questions regarding this webinar or if you would like to reach please email us today at [email protected] or give us a call +1 604 321 7277.