Fast, accurate, easy

3D patient scans for orthotics and prosthetics of all types

The Spectra™ handheld optical scanner enables you to electronically capture a high-resolution 3D model of your patient in seconds – without any patient contact or the mess and discomfort of plaster. Your patients and staff will love you.

The complete Vorum integrated CAD/CAM solution for prosthetics and orthotics includes 3D scanners, computer-aided shape modification software, and automated carvers.

Faster turnaround. Happier patients

Easy to learn, easy to use

Plug Spectra™ in and open the software application
As you scan, the software displays the 3D patient shape on your screen in real-time.
Move and rotate the image on your computer, restart a scan from anywhere, add landmarks, and much more!
You can then modify the shape using the Canfit™ P&O Design software.

Portable cranial scanning

Spectra for STARband® helmets

Orthomerica’s process to fabricate STARband Cranial Remolding Orthoses now has FDA 510(k) Clearance to use our affordable, handheld, blue-light Spectra scanner to capture 3D head shape data.
Spectra is light and compact. Combine it with a laptop for a portable scanning solution that’s perfect for satellite offices, remote patient visits, and to add a flexible scanning capability to your main clinic.

The result of over 30 years of clinician feedback

With 0.1 mm resolution, you can capture every bump and contour for better fitting custom devices.
Obtain design-ready scans for all types of prosthetic and orthotic devices in less than five minutes.
Safe and reliable
Uses a safe, high quality blue light projector and single camera to capture the 3D image.
A permanent record
The detailed 3D patient shape can be electronically stored indefinitely and referred to for reimbursement justification and device replacement or repair.
Unaffected by nearby metal objects
Scan your patient in a bed or wheelchair.
Real-time feedback
The 3D shape emerges on screen as you scan.

Lightweight and portable

A versatile mobile scanning solution for the practitioner on the go

Spectra is compact and comes with a rugged backpack. A single cable connects it to your laptop or desktop computer running the easy-to-use Spectra software.

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Part of the Vorum integrated CAD/CAM
solution for prosthetics and orthotics