The 4-Axis FootWare™ Carving Machine

Quickly carve shoe lasts, positive orthotic molds, and soft insoles

The 4-Axis FootWare™ Carving Machine is a powerful and reliable production platform. Tooling and machine parameters have been custom tailored for high volume, allowing for rapid carvings of shoe lasts in high density polyethylene or hard wood. Sophisticated 4-Axis CAM™ carving software gives you full control over the choice of carving blank and positioning of the designed shape within the blank.

Part of the Vorum integrated solution for footwear. Use with the YETI™ 3D Plantar Scanner, FootWare™ Design software, and Canfit™ Insole Design software to produce customized shoe lasts and orthotic molds, and Canfit™ Insole Design software for soft insoles.

Fast and Easy

An efficient production platform for shoe lasts, positive orthotic molds, and soft insoles.
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After designing your shape, export the file from Canfit™ Insole Design software to OrthoCAM™ for insoles or from FootWare™ Design software to 4-Axis CAM™ for shoe lasts.
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Move the shape within the block using the OrthoCAM™ (insoles) or 4-Axis CAM™ (shoe lasts). The software will show you if the shape fits or not.
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Create a carve file and send it to the carver.
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On the carver's screen, select the file you want to carve. Click on the cycle button to begin carving.

Fast and Versatile


Carves a shoe last in 10 minutes and a pair of insoles in 6 minutes.


Carves lasts, positive orthotic molds and soft insoles. Works with a wide variety of materials, including high density polyethylene, hard wood, EVA, and cork.


Incorporated in the FootWare™ Carver is an automated tool changer which supplies separate tools to efficiently carve and part the insoles.

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Part of the integrated Vorum solution for footwear