Making the move to Digital? This is where to start!

Making the move to Digital? This is where to start!

Making the move to a digital solution can seem scary, however, the Vorum solution is here to help you.

Did you know that when making the move to a digital solution you don’t need to start with an end-to-end solution? Vorum have Central Fabricators located all across the world that can help you with your workflow. These Central Fabricators are designed to help you when it comes to modifying your scans and manufacturing the final device.

Canfit Access:

Canfit Access is a version of Canfit Design that links you to a Vorum Central Fabrication Partner. The Access license allows smaller clinics who may not fabricate in-house, but who wish to make their own designs and modifications, use Canfit for a lower investment cost than purchasing a license outright.

Canfit Access is purchased through a Vorum Partner. The software version that the customer receives mirrors the software of the Partner. There are a number of benefits of Canfit Access for smaller clinics.

Lower initial investment cost – one-time license fee

Canfit Access allows smaller clinics to be able to use Canfit and pay per modification instead of putting down a large investment that they may not be a position to do at the start of their digital journey.

Easier move to digital

Canfit Access makes it easier for smaller clinics to move their workflow to a digital solution. Another way that this helps the customer is that the Vorum Partner who provided them with their license can also help the clinic with the manufacturing of their final device.

History of Canfit Software

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