A pathway through Vorum’s End to End Solution

A pathway through Vorum’s End to End Solution

Over 30 years ago, Vorum became the first company dedicated to the development of computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) solutions for the design and fabrication of custom orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) devices.

Since that time, Vorum have been first to develop every major technical advancement in the field. Today, thousands of prosthetists and orthotists at over 800 facilities in 45 countries have made the move to a digital solution. They have supplanted messy plaster-casting methods with a digital approach. This includes  our non-contact optical shape scanners, 3D design software, automated mold carvers, and 3D printing solutions.


3D Scanning

Luma 3D Scanner

The Luma 3D Scanner is a lightweight device designed with clinicians in mind when it comes to the busy traveling lifestyle. Wirelessly scan patients or casts, and quickly clean files for digital design. Take control of your patient outcomes and modify their device directly on the tablet through Vorum’s Canfit Design Software. Not only is it extremely easy to bring with you on the go, the Luma can be set up instantly on arrival.


Spectra 3D Scanner

The Spectra™ handheld optical scanner enables you to electronically capture a high-resolution 3D model of your patient in seconds. These scans can be completed without any patient contact or the mess and discomfort of plaster. Spectra is compact and comes with a rugged backpack. A single cable connects it to your laptop or desktop computer running the easy-to-use Spectra software.


Computer Aided Design


Over 30 years of feedback from thousands of prosthetists and orthotists has led to an extremely powerful yet simple user interface; Canfit.

The Canfit™ computer-aided design (CAD) software application empowers you to quickly design all types of custom prosthetic and orthotic devices. Uniquely easy to learn and anatomically correct, it will have you reaping the full benefits of digital O&P technology in short order.

The Canfit computer-aided design solution is your digital plaster room. Use it to design your full range of devices for all of your patients.

You’re in the business of making actual prosthetics and orthotics, not just positive molds. That’s why Canfit includes many features that enable you to focus on the end goal, including device previews and patent-pending control over variable edge flaring of the actual trim lines. This means no guess work for your technicians.


Computer Aided Manufacturing


Vorum developed the 3-Axis Carver based on many years of input from O&P clinics, hospitals, and high volume central fabricators around the world.

Heavy duty components, precision bearings, and high quality seals make the 3-Axis Carver the most reliable and durable mold machining system available. It is a proven workhorse that delivers many years of low maintenance, accurate, trouble-free service in even the highest volume production applications.


Forma ST

The Forma ST gives any-sized practice the opportunity to consider inhouse digital manufacturing without worrying about space. The machine is fully enclosed with the connections to implement a vacuum system to make cleaning easy.

Without compromising capacity or detail, this machine is capable of precision milling of a variety of custom O&P devices. The robust robotic arm enables it to work in high-volume production settings.

Forma ST can be further enhanced with modular components for greater functionality. From carving custom seats to cutting out plastic trimlines, this system has the essential tools to make in-house fabrication easier and faster.


Robot XL

The Vorum 7-Axis Robot Carving Machines are the only robots in the market designed specifically for the Orthotics and Prosthetics industry. They are precise, able to carve any material, and the fastest available.

Vorum provides a simple user interface with a user-friendly touch screen resulting in the best carving solution in the market.

Vorum’s Robotic Carvers provide you with 7 Axis capabilities in a compact, sturdy design. Each dust-resistant carver comes fully enclosed in a secured polycarbonate enclosure with built-in vacuum ducting for fast cleanup.


SurePath to Success

Today, thousands of prosthetists and orthotists worldwide have replaced inefficient plaster-casting methods with a streamlined digital approach by incorporating both our reliable CAD/CAM technology and widespread expertise for smooth integration. United with our dedicated support team, we are driven to minimize your downtime so we can help accelerate your fabrication process to the next level.

Below are just some of the examples of how our SurePath solution has helped our customers to achieve their goals.

Case Study: Momentum Health Technologies

Case Study: Bandagist Jan Nielsen A/S

So make the move to a digital solution with Vorum and trust that we will be there to support every step of the way!

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