Case Study: Bandagist Jan Nielsen A/S

This case study was conducted with Bandagist Jan Nielsen (BJN).

Faster turn-around wins customers.

Vorum helps spinal brace fabricator takes business to the next level.

Bandagist Jan Nielsen (BJN) Orthotics & Prosthetics, a provider of prosthetic and orthotic appliances for both children and adults in Copenhagen, Denmark, has been a satisfied owner of Vorum computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) solution since 2009. When BJN O&P originally contacted Vorum, they wanted to address an over-crowded clinic space, a desire to improve efficiency, and the ability to use their own designs.

The BJN clinic is located in a building that is over 200 years old and is made of many small rooms. In the clinic basement, BJN was storing hundreds of plaster casts. It was very difficult to locate them, and instead of spending time with patients or on preparing a new model, staff members were spending a great deal of time searching the basement to find the stored casts. The Vorum 3D optical scanner solved this problem. Staff at BJN scanned the casts to create a digital library. Now a search can be performed instantly on the computer, BJN staff members no longer waste time looking for casts, and the clinic has more useable space.

BJN discovered they could improve efficiency by using the templates that are built into the Vorum computer-aided design (CAD) software. These templates have standard features and design elements built-in to save practitioners from having to start a design from scratch every time. While the practitioner enters the patient’s measurements or imports the patient’s scan data into the software, the template is interactively fit to the patient. This gives the practitioner a starting point for their design. Jan Nielsen, Clinic Manager, commented that this feature is very helpful for young practitioners, as it helps them create a better fitting device faster.

A trans-femoral socket that used to take 3 hours to produce in plaster can now be made in 45 minutes – a 400% efficiency improvement. “A young man who was injured in a traffic accident came into the clinic because he lost his leg and was unable to walk. After just one hour, a practitioner at BJN made him a custom fitting prosthetic socket, enabling him to walk again,” stated Mr. Nielsen.

Using traditional plaster techniques, BJN developed their Comfort Socket Design: a trans-femoral socket made from silicon and prepeg materials. BJN was concerned that moving to CAD/CAM would prevent them from using their proven formula – but this was not the case. Working together with Vorum’s Technical Support Team, they were able to create a custom Comfort Socket template in the software.

At a Glance

Bandagist Jan Nielsen (BJN)

Leading O&P provider with locations across Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark. Bandagist Website

400% efficiency gain.
Clinic space problem solved.
Software template adapted to proven socket design.
"Pre-built digital reference shapes improve efficiency by 400%"
"A digital library means no plaster, more space, and less wasted time."
"Working together to create custom design templates."