May 2017 Webinar: O&P Fabrication is Changing

May 2017 Webinar: O&P Fabrication is Changing

In 2016, more O&P clinics switched to using Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) tools than in any previous year.

Frozen reimbursement rates, a shortage of qualified clinicians, rising patient expectations, and the desire for better work-life balance are among the many challenges driving this surge.


Learn directly from professionals like you who have made the shift.


Thomas J. (TJ) Daley, CO

Great Lakes Orthopedic Labs

T.J. led the switch to CAD/CAM at Great Lakes Orthopedic Labs to improve their patients’ experiences and keep the business viable in spite of falling reimbursement rates. The decision paid off.

”We now practice O&P at a higher level.”

Director of Central Fabrication

Michael Lavezzo, CPO, CTP

Friddle's Orthopedic Appliances

Friddle's has been using CAD/CAM technology to offer central fabrication services for over 20 years. Michael's team successfully fabricates thousands of devices each year, making him one of the most experienced experts on CAD/CAM and the process of fabricating devices over foam molds.

Get answers to important questions

What has been the experience of Canadian clinics using 3D scanners, clinical modification software, and automated mold carvers?
What mold or device central fabrication services are available to smaller clinics who use O&P design software?
How are the productivity gains of 300-600% changing the business of O&P?
Can digital tools help practitioners improve patient outcomes?
Are these technologies affordable?
What are the leasing and pay-as-you-go options?
What are the secrets to a successful switch from plaster to digital tools?
How and when will 3D printing become common?