The globally preferred choice by clinics of all sizes

Vorum developed the 3-Axis Carver based on many years of input from O&P clinics, hospitals, and high volume central fabricators around the world.
Heavy duty components, precision bearings, and high quality seals make the 3-Axis Carver the most reliable and durable mold machining system available. It is a proven workhorse that delivers many years of low maintenance, accurate, trouble-free service in even the highest volume production applications.
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Carves most prosthetic and orthotic molds in 5-20 minutes.
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0.1 mm accuracy for a smooth finish on the most complex shapes.
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Enclosed carving spaces with automatic door locks.
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Reliable Service
Enjoy a single point of service and support with Vorum for your entire digital O&P solution.

Large Carving Volume

Industry leading carve capacity

Vorum's industrial grade 3-Axis Carver reigns supreme in the O&P industry by offering the largest carving volume in its class at a whopping 39" length x 28" diameter.


The only O&P carver that lets you reuse a carved blank

Want to get the most out of your blocks? With the Vorum 3-Axis Carver, you can carve multiple shapes in a single cycle to reduce turnaround time and material waste. Not only that, but you can also reuse any mold for another opportunity at carving smaller patient shapes to make further use of that single block.

User Friendly

Simple and easy-to-use controls

All Vorum carvers are fast, accurate, easy to operate, and built to last. They work as an integral part of the Vorum CAD/CAM solution for O&P: simply import the Canfit 3D design file for your mold, load a carving blank, and press "Start." In minutes, a complex prosthetic or orthotic mold is ready for fabrication.

Reliable and Trusted

The carver with a dependable 10+ year lifespan

Did you know that we have 3-Axis Carvers all over the world that have been running at full capacity for over a decade?

Known as the first O&P 3-axis carver in the industry, this high quality machine excels in giving our customers the peace of mind when it comes to reliability and support in their fabrication process.

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