Four lasers, eight cameras.

Unmatched performance.

The YETI™ is unmatched in the market for providing high speed scanning. It obtains accurate 3D surface scans of a patient’s foot in less than 4 seconds. Part of the Vorum integrated footwear solution, the 3D data recorded by the scanner is used with the Shoe Last Design software and Shoe Last Carver to produce custom orthotics, orthotic molds or soft insoles.

The YETI scanning software rapidly processes raw scan data into an accurate image with comprehensive measurement information. Full 3D shape, as well as a series of foot measurements are recorded.

YETI Standard Resolution Scanner – for Foot Measurement
Ideal for measurement of the human foot. The YETI™ Standard Resolution Scanner measures detailed, full surface information of a patient’s foot with the foot in either full, partial or non-weight bearing positions.

YETI High Resolution Scanner – for Shoe Lasts
The High Resolution model can scan and measure the human foot, but is the essential model for the digitization of shoe last shapes. Critical shape entities such as landmarks and feather lines can be displayed in the scanning software.

How To Use The YETI 3D Foot Scanner

1. Place the patient's foot on the weight bearing platform and turn the scanner and computer on.

2. Open the YETI Shape Builder software and set it to scan (this takes approx. 4 seconds).

3. The scan, along with the foot measurements, will be displayed on the computer screen. Use our FootWare Design software to modify the scan, grading library shapes to customize an insole or shoe last.

4. Once the design is complete, export the file to our CAM software (OrthoCAM for insoles; 4-Axis CAM for shoe lasts).

Unmatched speed and accuracy

  • Fast: Obtains 3D surface scan of patient’s foot in less than 4 seconds.
  • Accurate: Rapidly processes raw scan data into an image with comprehensive measurement information accurate to +/- 0.5 mm.
  • Compact: Transportable to different sites.
  • Versatile: Scan feet, shoe lasts, or casting sock shapes.
  • Integrated: Use with Footware™ Design software, OrthoCAM™ (for insoles) or 4-Axis CAM™ (for shoe lasts), and the FootWare™ Carver to produce customized shoe lasts, orthotics, orthotic molds or soft insoles.

Part of the integrated Vorum solution for footwear.

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