The FootWare™ Design System

Provides a skilled last designer with the tools to dramatically increase productivity.

Create custom shoe lasts from an established library of shoe lasts quickly and easily with this program. The software integrates a 3-dimensional scan of the patient’s foot, weight-bearing imprint information and clinical requirements of the footwear into a computerized design process. Alternatively, use measurement and weight-bearing imprint information alone as your starting point to design a custom last. In either case, the design is fully controlled by you.

The resulting design data are transferred to your manufacturing centre where the shoe last is carved as a positive model from a block of polyethylene or wood using the Vorum FootWare™ Carver. Alternatively, use a Vorum central fabrication partner for fabrication.

A versatile shoe last design solution

Using 3D scan data:

Let the system recommend a last with the best fit (graded or ungraded), select a last from the library of existing lasts, or work directly on the scanned shape. Use intuitive tools to interactively refine the last to fit the foot.

Using measurement data only (no scan):

If the majority of your last design is done with measurements, imprints and a physical last library, the FootWare™ Design system can be used without a foot scanner. By digitizing the outlines of the weight-bearing foot imprints into the system and working with a computer-based library of lasts, you can work in a familiar and economical manner.

Fast, clean, economical.

  • Fast: Much faster than traditional casting techniques.
  • Clean: No manual grinding work and no plaster.
  • Economical: Reduced storage of lasts – physical molds are converted into a digital database.
  • Quality: Consistently high quality shapes.

Part of the integrated Vorum solution for footwear.

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