Complex insole design made easy.

Now you can easily create orthopedic insoles that add relief, provide support, or compensate for leg-length discrepancy. Insole designs that may have seemed impossible in the past are made possible using the Canfit™ Insole Design software solution.

Canfit Insole Design is part of the Vorum integrated digital solution for custom insole production that includes 3D plantar scanners and automated insole carving machines.

Fast and easy.

1. Obtain patient features with the 3D Plantar Scanner or by manually measuring the patient foot and capturing weight bearing imprint data.

2. Scale your scan or measurement data to match an insole design from a library of shapes or merge library characteristics (such as a toe box) with your design.

3. Modify the shape using the 3D plantar image, pressure mapping information, and clinical recommendations to suit your patient's needs.

4. Send your shape design to the insole carver.

Fast, consistent, versatile.

  • Fast: Much faster than traditional plaster techniques.
  • Accurate: Produce consistent, high-quality insole shapes.
  • Versatile: Choose how you work - use a scanner or manual measurements, a 3D scan or a library model, and produce soft foam insoles or a positive model.
  • Comprehensive: apply toe spring and metatarsal pads; provide arch support; add relief for ulcers, heel spurs, bunions and hammer toes; add a deep heel cup; add wedges to compensate for leg-length discrepancy; use customizable trimlines; and more.

Many ways to get started.

Before getting started, you need an insole library. Standard features and design elements are built in to the library shape, giving you a starting point for your insole.

1. Use a Vorum insole library: purchase an existing Library to use with your design software.

2. Create a new library: work with Vorum to design an insole library that suits your specific needs.

3. Digitize your plaster shapes: create your own custom library based on your existing plaster mold collection.

Part of the integrated Vorum digital solution for custom insoles.

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