A Reliable Insole Carver

An adaptable solution to meet carving demands.

Vorum’s Insole Carver has been tailored to suite an array of carving needs. Our Insole Carver can handle complex shapes, a variety of materials and can carve up to six insoles simultaneously.

Part of the Vorum integrated solution for customized soft insoles: use with the Canfit™ Insole Design Software and a 3D Plantar Scanner™.

How to Use Vorum's Insole Carver

1. Import your design file from the Canfit™ Insole Design software into OrthoCAM™. Multiple insoles can be loaded in a single job.

2. Guided by the software, adjust your shapes to fit within the blank, create a carve file and send it to the carver.

3. Load the appropriate blank and begin carving. The carver will mill both the surface and parting pass for all insoles in the job file.

4. Once carving is complete, remove the work piece, separate the individual insoles, and finish each insole as desired.

A versatile insole production system.

  • Versatile: Carve positive orthotic molds and soft insoles.
  • Handles complex shapes: Easily mill deep heel cups and high heel heights, and produce insoles with toe spring and metatarsal pads, arch support, and relief for ulcers, heel spurs, bunions and hammer toes.
  • Carves a wide variety of materials: Can carve soft insoles from EVA, cork, and similar materials. Handles densities from 25-75 shore and depths up to 60mm.
  • Optimized Tooling: Included tools mill and part the insoles automatically, produce a smooth surface finish, maximize material use, and allow for easy separation.
  • Safe: Enclosed carving space with automatic door lock.

Part of the integrated Vorum digital solution for custom insoles.

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