Vorum 6-axis carver

6-Axis Carving Machine

A high speed, high volume prosthetics and orthotics production platform.

Carve prosthetic and orthotic positive shapes faster than ever before with the 6-Axis Carving Machine. This carver has been tailored specifically for the prosthetics and orthotics industry and is built for high-volume production.

Its high-speed capabilities and extreme accuracy can produce almost any prosthetic and orthotic shape, from AFOs and insoles to seats and standing shells.

The 6-Axis Carving Machine is a robust production platform for the most demanding applications.

Fast and accurate

  • Efficient: Designed for high-volume, high-speed, and accurate carving production: TT: 9 minutes, AFO: 17 minutes, TLSO: 20 minutes, Seat (1-piece positive): 30 minutes, Seat (2-piece direct): 35minutes.
  • Versatile: Flatbed and rotary carving capabilities allows for production of almost any prosthetic and orthotic shape: TT/TF prosthetics, foam covers, spinals (TLSO), seats (1 and 2 piece), AFOs, KOs, KAFOs, neck braces, cranial helmets, insoles, mattresses, standing shells.
  • Large Capacity: Able to carve large shapes such as standing shells and mattresses.
  • Flexible: Carve shapes in polyurethane foam or polypropylene.

"Vorum offers the most complete, reliable technology platform and they back it up with comprehensive training and the best support."
- Nolan Hayday, Karl Hager Limb and Brace

This product is no longer for sale. Please contact us for alternative solutions.

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