Fast, accurate, portable.

A non-contact, optical measuring device used to record the external surface shape of the human body.

The scanGogh II™ is a hand held imaging system that is practical for practitioners on the go. It is also useful for multi-location offices that can benefit from a "shared" system.

With the scanGogh II™, there is no tissue displacement. This is especially beneficial for patients who are particularly fleshy, as measuring or casting them directly may indent the skin and flesh and produce inaccurate results.

The scanGogh II™ comes with two laser options - class 1 or class 2. The class 1 laser allows clinicians to scan both adults and babies from head to toe, without the use of protective eyewear.

The complete Vorum integrated CAD/CAM solution for prosthetics and orthotics includes 3D scanners, computer-aided shape modification software, and automated carvers.

Easy to use, non-contact scanning.

1. Turn on your scanner and computer, and start the scanGogh II™ software.

2. Use the wand to scan your patient with a smooth, spray-painting motion. The scanGogh II™ transmits measurement data to your computer and displays 3-dimensional shape data on your screen in real-time.

3. The software program allows you to accurately place as many landmarks as you require.

4. After you have completed your scan, the shape can be modified on the computer using the Canfit™ P&O Design software.

Fast, accurate, portable.

  • Fast: Measure 3-dimensional anatomical surfaces in one minute or less.
  • Accurate: Obtain consistent, accurate results every time.
  • Non-Contact: Scans can be obtained without touching the patient.
  • Flexible Axis Geometry: Capable of scanning complex shapes; ideal for all prosthetics and orthotics applications.
  • Portable: Compact components fit in a rugged carrying case for the practitioner on the go.
  • Clean: No plaster.

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