Designed and built for the custom prosthetics and orthotics industry.

A reliable, automated prosthetic and orthotic carving solution for every business.

All Vorum carvers are fast, accurate, easy to operate, and built to last. They work as an integral part of the Vorum CAD/CAM solution for P&O: simply import the Canfit 3D design file for your mold, load a carving blank, and press "Start." In minutes, a complex prosthetic or orthotic mold is ready for fabrication. Final devices such as insoles and soft foam seats can be milled directly on your Vorum carver.

3-Axis Carving Machine

The prosthetics and orthotics industry workhorse.

Vorum developed the 3-Axis Carver based on many years of input from P&O clinics, hospitals, and high volume central fabricators around the world.

Heavy duty components, precision bearings, and high quality seals make the 3-Axis Carver the most reliable and durable mold machining system available. It is a proven workhorse that delivers many years of low maintenance, accurate, trouble-free service in even the highest volume production applications.


  • Large capacity: Handle almost any brace, from the smallest infant orthotic to the largest adult spinal orthotic.
  • Reliable: A proven workhorse designed by Vorum specifically for P&O. Low maintenance and dependable for a 10+ year life.
  • Efficient: Save money by reusing large blanks or carving multiple molds at once for less foam waste.

4-Axis Carving Machine

The versatility to make direct seat cushions and insoles in addition to typical orthotic and prosthetic molds.

With a rotary axis and flatbed carving surface, the 4-Axis Carving Machine is the solution to your diverse manufacturing needs for orthopedic seats and insoles in addition to a wide range of orthotic and prosthetic models.

The 4-Axis Carving Machine provides maximum versatility and efficiency. The large flatbed surface facilitates direct carving of a seat cushion or up to 8 pairs of soft insoles at one time. It enables you to produce models and devices from a variety of hard and soft materials including polyurethane, EVA, and cork.

With a small footprint - only 6.7 feet X 7.5 feet (2m x 2.6m) - the 4-Axis Carving Machine is easy to install in most facilities.


  • Multi-purpose: Carve seat cushions and insoles in addition to a full range of typical orthotic and prosthetic molds.
  • Efficient: Large flatbed surface allows you to carve up to eight pairs of insoles at once.
  • Compact: A small footprint for easy installation in most facilities.

Robot 7-Axis Carving Machine

The fastest, most versatile prosthetics and orthotics carving solution.

The Vorum 7-Axis Robot Carving Machines are the only robots in the market designed specifically for the Orthotics and Prosthetics industry. They are precise, able to carve any material, and the fastest available.

Vorum provides a simple user interface with a user-friendly touch screen resulting in the best carving solution in the market.

Vorum’s Robotic Carvers provide you with 7 Axis capabilities in a compact, sturdy design. Each dust-resistant carver comes fully enclosed in a secured polycarbonate enclosure with built-in vacuum ducting for fast cleanup.

The ultimate carver

  • Versatile: Rotary carving capabilities allows for production of any prosthetic and orthotic shape.
  • Flexible: Carve shapes in the widest variety of materials.
  • Efficient: Designed for high-volume, high-speed, and accurate carving production.

Part of the integrated Vorum digital solution for P&O.

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"Vorum offers the most complete, reliable technology platform and they back it up with comprehensive training and the best support."
- Nolan Hayday, Karl Hager Limb and Brace