Custom insoles that fit

Fast, and Accurate Plantar Scans

The 3D Plantar Scanner™ is a precision optical imaging device designed specifically to capture the three-dimensional shape of the plantar aspect of human feet for the purpose of designing custom insoles.

Part of the Vorum integrated footwear solution, the 3D data recorded by the scanner is used with the Canfit™ Insole Design software and Insole Carvers to produce custom orthotics, orthotic molds or soft insoles.

Fast and Easy Solution to Design Custom Insoles

Four simple steps for perfect insole design, that meet your patients' needs.
Turn on the scanner and computer and open the Footscan software.
Place the foot on the weight-bearing platform and set the software to scan.
In just four seconds, the 3D scan, along with the foot measurements, will be displayed on your computer screen.
When finished, send the 3D scan file to the Canfit Insole Design software for design modification.

Accurate Plantar Shape Capture

In under four seconds, the two built-in lasers and cameras capture high-resolution insole shape data of your patient's foot.
Capture the entire plantar aspect of the foot in a non, full, or partial weight bearing position.
Measuring only 51 x 24 x 10 cm, it is easily transported to different sites.
Works with the Footscan™ software to rapidly process raw scan data into an accurate image with comprehensive measurement information, including lateral and medial margins and posterior margins.

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Part of the integrated Vorum digital
solution for custom insoles.